Parents will be responsible for ensuring that

  • The children come to school on time and are in proper uniform. For improper dress advance intimation and permission must be taken from the Principal in writing.
  • The pupils do their homework regularly and their diaries are pursued daily for any remarks.
  • They visit the school as and when called by the concerned class teacher/sub. teacher/Principal.
  • Dues are paid regularly and within the time frame laid down by the school.
  • Academic Reports are studied carefully and returned promptly duly signed.
  • Books and notebooks of children are seen every now and then for proper guidance and that children study the next lesson before it is taught in the class.
  • They must play an active role in inculcating the following points in children at home - Responsibility, Punctuality, Respect for elders, Social behavior and Good manners.

Please Note That

  • The school authorities will not accept responsibility to escort a child home in case his/her regular escort fails to collect him/her on a particular day.
  • The school authorities will not accept responsibility if a child indulges himself/herself in unwanted activities outside the school campus.
  • The school will have the right to select and detain a child for rehearsals in connection with the Annual Day or other celebrations. Prior information will be given in such cases.
  • The school will have the right to select and detain a child for extra classes after school hours or he/she may be called during holidays. Prior information will be given accordingly.
  • The parents will have to co-operate with the school authorities for developing positive attitudes and habits amongst the children.
  • School Leaving or Transfer Certificate will be issued only on a written request by the parents submitted at least 7 days prior to the date of issue. This certificate will be issued only after all dues are cleared.
  • The school will have the right to charge late fine/damage fine if Library books are not returned in time or not returned in a proper condition.
  • Other than the PTA day, parents can meet Class Teacher/ Sub. Teachers to discuss about their children, every Monday at 8.30 A.M.
  • All Second Saturdays are holidays. Fourth Saturday of every month will be a holiday for students of classes III-V.
  • Last working day of every month is a fullday for the students.
  • No student is allowed to go outside the school campus without written permission from the Chairman, Discipline Committee or the Principal.
  • No visitor is allowed to meet any staff or student without prior permission from the Principal.No student/students/class is allowed to celebrate birthday or offer a gift on birthday to any staff or student during class hours.


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